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Who We Are

Open Hearts Project is a non-profit organization that is centered on tackling child abuse and gender based violence from the basics. we sensitise and advocate for presenting occurances of brought by teaching boys and girls from the childhood stage how to traet each other. We also run online campaigns. We also provide emergency services for people who have experienced abuses in any form. We provide services such as; Legal, Psychological, Medical and Specialised progress which will help people who have been abused and also help protect people from abuse. Our team is committed to move into swift action to collaborate with social service organization, government outfits and other stakeholders to use the best available practices in dealing with cases


Open Hearts Project works with those who suffer from Child abuse and gender based violence burdens to achieve long term positive change at the community level through high quality research.


Open Hearts Initiative envisions a just world where the rights of children and women are protected. We provide help on how to tackle sexual abuse.
15 Projects completed
115 Schools visited
23 local Governments visited
20 Clinics visited

what we do

Open Hearts Project is working towards creating a safe and happy childhood for every Nigerian child- free from sexual abuse; with easy access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention. We provide the necessary measures to help stop Gender Based violence(GBV).
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You can reach us at any time. Our help center is centered at connecting you with the best way to present your case to our team. Our help center is represented by three (3) avartar, A Doctor, A Lawyer and A Psycologist. These represented our team of volunteer experts who are available to help at every point.

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Awareness campaigns

Education brings light to a lot of situations and that is why we carry out awareness programs to prevent and give more knowledge on how to recognize abuses. And since knowledge is power there is need to educate oneself.

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Awareness campaigns

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Counselling and support

With our volunteer Doctors, lawyers and psychotherapist always available, we can always listen Our support services range from advocacy, crises intervention, domestic violence

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Counselling & support

how you can help

Together, we can end the issue of child sexual abuse in our society and Gender base violence (GBV).

Report a case

Our helplines are accessible to everyone in Nigeria who needs help, let us help you with whatever you need.

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You can also help us be there for children by sponsoring one of our school awareness programs.

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Your generous donation will enable us provide prevention and protection services.

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We have child friendly, culturally sensitive and developmental appropraite information that can help adults to be there for children.

how to avoid one-on-one situations

Eliminate or reduce isolated, one-on-one situations so as to decrease risk of child sexual abuse.Read more

why women are afraid to speak out.

Mostly women who are abused of GBV are afraid to speak out because they may not be believed. Cases of domestic abuse often boil down to the word of the victim against the perpetrator. Read more

the impact of child protecttion

protecting children from all forms of violence, through a holistic programming approach that prioritises their economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights. Read more




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