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About Open Hearts Project

Open Hearts Project is a non-profit organization that is centered on tackling child abuse and gender based violence from the basics. We sensitise and advocate for presenting occurances of brought by teaching boys and girls from the childhood stage how to traet each other. We also run online campaigns. We also provide emergency services for people who have experienced abuses in any form. We provide services such as; Legal, Psychological, Medical and Specialised progress which will help people who have been abused and also help protect people from abuse. Our team is committed to move into swift action to collaborate with social service organization, government outfits and other stakeholders to use the best available practices in dealing with cases.


Open Hearts Project works with those who suffer from Child abuse and gender based violence burdens to achieve long term positive change at the community level through high quality research


Open Hearts Initiative envisions a just world where the rights of children and women are protected. We provide help on how to tackle sexual abuse.
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Kpochi Emmanuel is a graduate from Benue State University and an alumni of the Kennedy Lugar youth exchange and study program class of 2012/2013. He is the initiator of the Open Hearts Project, an initiative geared towards stopping gender based violence and child abuse and also support victims by providing them access to mental, legal, medical and security help to victims or those who are threatened by this menace. The alumni group (KY-YAAN) runs several community development projects yearly and will work together towards achieving the goals of the Open Hearts Project. The Open Hearts Project is sponsored by the Alumni Innovation and engagement funds from the United States Embassy in Nigeria which enables alumni to impact positively in their communities.
Kpochi Emmanuel Tersoo

our objectives

Providing a free 24-hour helpline for children experiencing sexual abuse or who are at risk, and women who are going through gender based violence or have suffered abuse with a listening ear.

Providing children who have suffered abuse with legal, medical and specialized psychosocial support, free of charge, and providing safe, neutral, child friendly and supportive environments for children we serve;

Providing a multi-disciplinary team approach to assist with the investigation, intervention and prosecution of child abuse.

Empowering adults in the community to protect children aged 0-18 years old from sexual abuse by teaching them how to prevent and recognise child sexual abuse and how to react responsibly.

Providing an extensive outreach program to schools and community which includes a variety of prevention services, education on child abuse dynamics and information on healthy child.

Strengthening the existing support structures and institutions of child protection services through advocacy and collaboration.